Device functions / Technical data

Functions of the device
Use bottled or filtered water to fill the glass bottle

Choice of colour for the device:
special effect lacquered pearl white,
special effect lacquered silver

Characteristics (standard):
• Large LCD display
• Illuminated keypad and easy to understand menu
• Option to program 2 individual settings
• Choice of coloured lights in the glass bottle
• Whisper or normal pump
• Beep to signal end of the session

Extras (not included in standard price):
ChipCard system (programmable time credit)

Technical Data

Voltage: 15 V DC
Switch: 100−240 V AC
Electricity consumption: I max = 1600 mA
                                   Standby = 10 mA

Protection Grade: Class B
Airflow:     Normal: ca. 3,5 l / minute  
                Silent: ca. 2,5 l / minute 
Weight:    Vital Air (3 activation units) 3.6 kg
               Vital Air (5 activation units) 4.2 kg Width 

Dimensions: =28 cm

                 Length = 31 cm
                 Height = 13 cm or 31 cm
                           (including bubbling unit)