Vital Air and its applications Recommendation for use


Presence of free radicals in living organisms is a natural phenomenon as they are actively involved in the physiological processes of living bodies. Therefore, due to certain exposures or
disturbance of the internal self-regulation mechanisms, the harmony of free radical reactions becomes abnormal which leads, in the long run, to one or another disease. Free radicals damage proteins and lipid cell membranes as well as the DNA and play an important role in contraction of ore than 100 diseases, including arthritis and AIDS. Free radicals are an atom or a molecule that have one or more unpaired electrons. Oxidation-reduction reactions produce free radicals:

superoxide radical of oxygen or OH hydroxyl radical. Living systems possess the natural anti- oxidant protection that regulated the free radical oxidation processes and, finally, transforms free radical to low-activity products. For treating diseases caused by free radical deprivation use is made of anti-oxidants or therapeutic ionizing radiation apparatuses that have both positive and negative properties.

By way of an alternative therapeutic method, a Swedish specialist Antony Van der Valk proposed to use the singlet oxygen energy. By now special Vital Air apparatus have been developed to deliver inhalation therapy and activate water before consumption. The Vital Air apparatus is applied in various clinics of the Western Europe. The results of treatment indicate that the singlet oxygen energy produces its effects on patients who suffer, in particular, from bronchial asthma and have now considerably less frequent asthma attacks even without administering
other treatment agents.

There exist statistically significant results of treatment rheumatic patients on the 14th day after the treatment onset with the use of the proposed method. Physical and chemical concept of this treatment method is based on the photochemical sensibilization of air or water with the aid of a halogen lamp.

It is well known that oxygen is a common element having plenty of varieties. Among them O2 is the most frequently met and important as it presents the obligatory component of the entire aerobic metabolism. The other oxygen variety is represented by the oxygen with an unpaired electron which life equals 2 μs. Its moment relaxation to the triplet basic condition can be very useful due to the energy that releases and emits at 634 nm wavelength. Such quantum therapy has an impact on membrane exchange process, biochemical and biophysical chain of transformation in cells and membrane stabilizing effect – all of these lead to restoration of the anti-oxidant support of the organism suffering from certain diseases.

The German apparatus Vital Air 5+ is the most powerful device in the world that is applied for oxygen-and-energy therapy (singlet therapy). The singlet energy is formed due to excitation of the electronic clouds of oxygen atoms by the electromagnetic irradiation quanta of the ultraviolet cessing of the steam and water mixture that facilitates energy stability and improves efficiency of the therapeutic effect.

Emission of the energy quanta by the singlet oxygen electrons at relaxation (return to the initial state) provides for initiation of the therapeutic effect. When an oxygen molecule relaxes, its active singlet state becomes stable very quickly and, at that, the electromagnetic energy quanta of the ultraviolet range are emitted – these quanta have a curative effect and, also:

• promote biochemical and biophysical reactions in the body;
• structure water and other liquids while preparing singlet oxygen cocktails;
• normalize anti-oxidation status of the body;
• improve immunity;
• stabilize aerobic metabolism;
• improve rheological properties of blood;
• normalize activity of the cardiovascular system;
• restore ion permeability of the cell membranes;
• detoxify the organism;
• improve tissue breathing and reduce tissue hypoxia;
• stimulate regeneration processes and reduce inflammation processes;
• improve coronary and cerebral blood flows;
• normalize arterial pressure;
• restore bronchi mucosal and regulate the external respiration functions;
• inhibit tumour and metastatic processes;
• reduce concentration of lactic acid in muscles;
• enhance hemoglobin level;
• normalize biochemical blood indicators.

The singlet oxygen energy is applied in kind of inhalations barbiturated with active oxygen. Inhalations last for up to 21 minutes. In a number of Western Europe medical institutions singlet
therapy is used for treating various diseases with the aid of a German apparatus Vital Air 5+. There is a fair evidence of the efficiency of this method. Thus, when treating chronic obstructive
bronchitis, a trend towards normalization of the lipid peroxidation as well as of the partial oxygen and carbon dioxide gas pressure was revealed.

Application of the singlet oxygen energy facilitated normalization of hemoglobin, erythrocyte and leukocyte indices and spirographic data. The patients with hypertension and ischemic
heart disease felt general well-being mend, their arterial pressure indices became more normal, angina attacks became less frequent and the electrocardiograms had positive dynamics.
Application of the singlet oxygen energy with diabetes mellitus resulted in positive changes of the carbohydrate metabolism and reduced clinical evidence of polyuria, dyspepsia and paresthesia. A study of the singlet oxygen energy impact upon the immunity status revealed activation of cell eating, stabilization of the early phagocytosis and reduction of the cation protein activity of microphagocytes which indicates the lower autoimmune concern of the organism. The bronchial asthma patients had a trend to normalization of the breathing enzymes, better external breathing and considerable reduction of pressure in the pulmonary circulation.

When studying the singlet oxygen impact upon the blood coagulation with patients who suffered myocardial infarction, a positive influence of this treatment method with Vital Air 5+ apparatus has been confirmed. 

Treatment of post-operation patients with the use of the singlet oxygen energy has shown positive shift in the biochemical blood indicators (cholesterol level, thymol test).

The short-term results of treating the pulmonary cancer patients with the use of the Vital Air therapy show stabilization of the tumour process due to anti-metastatic action of the singlet
oxygen energy.

The study results confirmed that this treatment method intensifies phosphorylation breathing of mitichondria which leads to normalization of the oxygen homeostasis. 

Having analysed the clinical observation data, it is possible to conclude that the proposed method of antioxidant therapy with Vital Air inhalations can be successfully used at all pathological conditions caused by a disorder of the antioxidant protection, particularly in the environmentally unfriendly situations. The method is easy to use and does not require special training of the service personnel. It can be applied either in the combination therapy of a number of diseases or independently for disease prevention and health improvement. 

Oxygen energy therapy Vital Air produces a normalizing effect on the immune system and stabilizes aerobic metabolism thereby improving performance of all body organs and systems without causing adverse events.


For centuries initial reactions have been recognised andindeed encouraged in general medicine, since they are a signthat the therapy in question is having an effect.“Your body will always react rationally, even if at first itdoesn’t always appear to be doing so.


Runny nose

After Vital Air therapy the nose starts to produce a watery secretion.The mucus in the nose and throat is our first line of defence. A number of immune cells can be found in the nasal mucus membrane.Better regulation stimulates the mucus and immune cells and increasessecretion in order to remove harmful substances. 

Unclean skin, for example, small spots

Following Vital Air therapy, more impurities can appear on the skin, forexample, spots! The skin is an important detoxification organ. Wasteproducts stored in the body’s tissue are eliminated via the skin. This is apassing reaction and should be viewed positively.

Increased tiredness

People with physical, professional and/or psychological long-term stress (the sympathetic system is overactive) frequently report feeling moretired after the initial applications. As long-term stress is reduced, therelaxation and regeneration phase begins. After a short period, the body well achieve a better internal balance.


There are no risks or side effects involved in using Vital Air therapy. The
therapy can be applied in conjunction with traditional medicine and/or
natural and alternative remedies.

Recommended use

Length of application: 20–30 minutes

For chronic conditions, physical and mental stress                           

Frequency of use: daily up to 3 times

Recommended course
Frequency: 3–4 time per week
Duration: 4–6 weeks