Sports medicine

Topic: Sport
In the area of sport, three essential things are positively affected by Vital Air device :

1) The intrinsic combustion in the miniature power plants of the cells (mitochondria) functions better, which results in an increase in energy production (an ATP energy storage molecule).

2) The immune system is strengthened, as each cell produces an increased amount of its own protective enzymes, which neutralise aggressive free radicals.
Oxidative stress is mainly responsible for a weak immune system, as the enormous consumption of oxygen automatically and physiologically produces a great number of free radicals.

3) The vegetative nervous system functions verifiably better as the main control and distribution centre of all processes in the body after using Activated Oxygen Therapy for 20 minutes.

That means that internal and external stimuli of the vegetative nervous system are processed faster, more effectively and with fewer errors.

Below is a summary of what users in the field of sport and fitness report:

  • at least 8% more creation of energy
  • less lactate production and thus less “acidity” after intensive training sessions
  • an increased ability to concentrate
  • better mental balance
  • 5-10 fewer pulse beats for the same sustained activity after a few days
  • a lower resting pulse
  • a faster recovery after training sessions
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • can be combined with all other treatments such as electrotherapy, massage, mental training, etc.
  • increased elasticity and stamina