Vital Water (EZ Water)




Half a century ago Albert Szent-Gyorgyi introduced the term “Bioenergetics” in a small paper published in “Science” (124, 3227, p. 873, 1956). There he stated that to understand how energy is transformed into useful biological reactions we will have to introduce three new factors into our thinking: “water structures, the electromagnetic field, and triplets or some other unusual form of excitation made possible by water structures”. Contemporary textbook bioenergetics is nonetheless limited to “energy metabolism” -- the chemical reactions involved in energy transformations within cells, and even to a more narrow part of it – “ATP-related metabolism”. The peculiar role of water in it is practically neglected thoughone may suppose that the state of water at sites where ATP + H2O are produced from ADP and Pi and at sites where ATP is hydrolyzedshould not be the same. The functional role of water still needs careful consideration even in “classical” bioenergetics.

However, “energy metabolism” may not be confined to biochemical machinery dealing with ATP synthesis and hydrolysis. In the paper sited above Szent-Gyorgyi prophetically asserted that “some more mobile and active form of energy has to go into biological action. Such an energy, on the molecular level, could hardly be anything other than the energy of electronic excitation” (EEE). Recently water became known to be one of the major sources of this high grade energy. It turned out that on the one hand water may serve as a transformer of low grade energy (for example, vibrational energies) into EEE, and on the other hand water may be directly oxidized by oxygen (a kind of slow burning, combustion) releasing EEE. These both forms of energy generation strictly depend upon the particular water structuring provided by its contacts with different surfaces, by the dissolved substances, by the organizing influences of external EM fields upon aqueous systems. In particular quazi-crystalline structure of interfacial water abundant in cellular and extracellular compartments significantly increases the efficiency of transformation of low grade energy into EEE by such water. Water oxidation by singlet oxygen (water combustion) catalyzed with antibodies has been shown to take place in blood. Besides, such a process may occur even in model aqueous solutions, in particular, in solutions containing a necessary component of organismal water, bicarbonate, acting as a catalyst of water oxidation.

EEE may be used locally for the performance of different kinds of chemical and physical work; it may accumulate and pool in aqueous systems and migrate within them without dissipation on macroscopic distances. Slow combustion in water and combustion of water is capable to self-organization in space and time expressed in the development of oscillatory-wave regimes of these processes serving as time-keepers of other biochemical processes dependent on them as well as sensitive antennas for external oscillatory signals.

Energy-transforming and EEE-donating properties of water are intrinsic to environmental water as well, be it atmospheric or hydrosphere water. Inasmuch as the expression of this property strongly depends upon chemical composition of aqueous systems, hydrodynamic conditions, electromagnetic situation, water treatment for drinking and other usage, this previously unrecognized property of water should be taken into consideration as a global environmental factor.

EZ water 

Highly charged hexagonal layered structure, from Dr.Gerald H.Pollack

Structured water is not something made up by health gurus for marketing purposes. It is a real phenomenon, so real that it can be clearly seen under a microscope. A lot of the research on structured water has come together in the last decade or so, thanks to the work of Dr.Gerald Pollack and other scientists before him. Structured water, also known as hexagonal water exclusion zone (EZ) water, has many biological roles that are important to life. Structured water forms on any hydrophilic (water loving) surface when it is exposed to light. The visible light spectrum and ultraviolet light will create structured water, but infrared light is the most powerful. Regular water is H20, but when structured water is formed, it turns into H3O2, and the extra protons go to the “bulk” water in the form of hydronium ions. The result is two separate parts of the water: Next to the hydrophilic surface, a hexagonal, honeycomb shaped lattice of H3O2 with a negative charge and higher viscosity, that excludes all solutes (hence the term exclusion zone), and the bulk water of hydronium ions with a positive charge. Essentially this creates a battery, with a positive and negative end.

But where does this come from ? The water inside your cells is actually EZ water, creating the negative charge that your cells need to function. EZ water helps your cells create energy, and aids in cellular detoxification, among many other functions. Your body can use energy to create EZ water from regular H2O internally, or you can save that energy by supplying your body externally with EZ water. There are two methods of using structured water to support your health. One is to create structured water from the water already in your body. The other way is to create structured water for drinking. Structured water can also be used for bathing. This explains the healing power of swimming in natural bodies of water.

Almost any form of energy exposed to water will create EZ water.

-Infrared from the sun or Infrared saunas and mats. The creation of EZ water from an infrared is what causes the detoxing effect of mats like the biomat that don’t even cause you to sweat

-Whole body vibration


-Negative charge from magnets



Collagen is the main hydrophilic surface in the body that EZ water forms around. This is thought to be the conductor of electrical currents in the skin that create acupuncture meridians. Borrelia, glyphosate, and aluminum all destroy collagen. Even more interesting is that anesthetics like lidocaine are known to destroy EZ water. Could this be how neural therapy works ? When procaine is injected under the skin, is it resetting the electrical charge by destroying EZ water ?

Dr. Pollack also showed that EZ water will cause flow through hydrophilic tubes. This is how circulation of blood through the capillaries works. It is a misconception that the heart’s pumping action causes circulation. The heart is not actually strong enough to cause re blood cells to flow through the tiny capillaries. If it were, your blood pressure would be so high that you would die. The capillaries are hydrophilic tubes, and they require EZ water for blood flow. Trees also use EZ water in this same fashion in order to get water a hundred or more feet to the top leaves. This is why infrared saunas and mats increase circulation. It is not from the heat, but the infrared light creating EZ water. PEMF devices also cause increased circulation, but in this case it is the negative charge that is creating EZ water.

Water and Health:

We are studying the central role of water in health. We are two-thirds water - by volume. In terms of the percentage of molecules, that two-thirds figure computes to a lot of water molecules: more than 99% of our molecules are water molecules. Evidence suggests that those 99% don't merely sit as the background carriers of the more important molecules of life, but are central participants. All that the cell does depends on water. That leads to the hypothesis that proper hydration is a central feature of function, and therefore of health.

The Vital Air 5+® device together with Vital Water (EZ Water) - may become the next wonder drug !